Enroll in SOCIO460 Youth and Crime!

Looking for an engaging course in criminology this summer? Interested in the theories and facts of youth crime and crime control? Want to experience the youth justice field firsthand? Then have I got a course for you!

SOCIO460 Youth and Crime offers theories, facts and firsthand experiences with the youth justice field. Through this course you will:

  • Learn facts and explore trends in delinquency, status offenses and victimization.
  • Explore theories on crime and crime control, everything from rational choice to intersectional feminist thought.
  • Discuss pressing social issues with juvenile court and care professionals.
  • Sift through juvenile court case records and examine the workings of a Kansas juvenile court.

Special guests include: Judge Delia M. York, Evan Mitchel (LMSW), ISO Kristy Blagg and Kristin B. Kelly (MA).

socio460 flyer v3

Print friendly flyer: socio460 flyer


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