How to plot a network subgraph on a network graph using R

Here is an example of how to highlight the members of a subgraph on a plot of a network graph.

## Load R libraries

# Set adjacency matrix
g <- matrix(c(0,1,1,1, 1,0,1,0, 1,1,0,1, 0,0,1,0),nrow=4,ncol=4,byrow=TRUE)

# Set adjacency matrix to graph object
g <- graph.adjacency(g,mode="directed")

# Add node attribute label and name values
V(g)$name <- c("n1","n2","n3","n4")

# Set subgraph members
c <- c("n1","n2","n3")

# Add edge attribute id values
E(g)$id <- seq(ecount(g))

# Extract supgraph
ccsg <- induced.subgraph(graph=g,vids=c)

# Extract edge attribute id values of subgraph
ccsgId <- E(ccsg)$id

# Set graph and subgraph edge and node colors and sizes
E(g)[ccsgId]$color <- "#DC143C" # Crimson
E(g)[ccsgId]$width <- 2
V(g)$size <- 4
V(g)$color="#00FFFF" # Cyan
V(g)$label.color="#00FFFF" # Cyan
V(g)$label.cex <-1.5
V(g)[c]$label.color <- "#DC143C" # Crimson
V(g)[c]$color <- "#DC143C" # Crimson

# Set seed value

# Set layout options
l <- layout.fruchterman.reingold(g)

# Plot graph and subgraph

Simple, no?


6 thoughts on “How to plot a network subgraph on a network graph using R

  1. Dear Will,
    The code is well written and only highlights the members of a subgraph. I need to fetch them out from the main graph as a separate subgraph (including nodes and edges). Any suggestions please.


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